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Kool Seal 63-600-5 Premium RV Rubber Roof Coating (5) Gallon

Kool Seal 63-600-5 Premium RV Rubber Roof Coating (5) Gallon

Manufacturer: KST Coatings Llc
MPN: 63-600-5
UPC: 50926360054
Price: $109.13
Retail: $165.00
You Save: $55.87 (34%)
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Premium Elastometric RV Rubber Roof Coating 5 Gallon


This Kit comes with (5) Gallons of the Koolseal 63-600 in one convenient bucket

Koolseal recommends using their primer first before applying
If you have water pooling on your roof or you are applying on a smooth surface you should prime first. We also suggest you use if you do not feel you can clean your roof well enough. The primer does help with adhesion. In our own local repairs we have not used but we are experienced at cleaning these prior to applying. It is not that difficult but if in doubt buy the primer which can be found in our store.


Better than Dicor or Heng's versions. Comes with full ten year warranty!!! We have used them all and this is all we use now in our local repair shop. If purchasing three or more we automatically upgrade you to faster Fed-Ex shipping. VERY easy to apply. Clean roof and roll on with standard paint rolller. Instructions come with purchase. No need to replace your RV rubber roof which is very expensive and time consuming. This can be applied over bare wood even. Makes your roof like brand new again with a new layer of rubber coating.

Please read before calling:
This product is chemically identical to the RV Rubber Roof Top Coat (63-900)
They are both 100% acrylic elastometric resin however the 63-900 has 8% more resin per gallon in it that the 63-600 and comes with a 5yr warranty. In other words this is diluted a little more. The label does say "not to be used on rubber roofs". Koolseal does not give you a warranty if this product is used on a rubber roof. They want you to buy the 63-900 which we also sell.  If you choose to use this on your rubber roof please be aware that the warranty does not apply but you will still have the results seen in these pictures. The pictures are of an actual roof coated with this product (63-600). We have used this exact product to coat many roofs in our local market with great success and no complaints and is all we ever use. Make sure you clean roof thoroughly prior to coating. We use Purple Power degreaser and a granular detergent such as Tide. Let the Purple Power soak in while you sprinkle the detergent on top. Scrub well and rinse. You will need to clean the sides of your coach as well after doing the roof. Let roof dry well before each coat.  We use a 1/2" roller to roll the coating on and cut in with a brush around edges and seals. You must apply at least two coats but we recommend three as this is slightly thinner than the 63-900 and some roofs do need the extra coat to look fully white. If you use the primer you only need two coats. Two gallons can usually coat a roof three times but larger roofs may require three. If you buy more than you use you can always use the extra to touch up if necessary at a later time. This product does not expire if sealed good after opening. We also sell a complete roof coating kit which includes three gallons of this coating plus a case of Dicor to re-cover all your seals around edges and vents.  Using the kit will make sure you have a completely renewed roof and guarantees against leaks. If your roof is 6yrs or older you should use this kit.  That kit can be found HERE.



Each gallon covers a standard roof at least one coat. You must coat
twice but we recommend three to four coats for a long lasting, permanent seal.



This is what your roof will look like when done (actual photo of a job we complete):

Metal Roof Coated with 63-600:


Rubber Roof Renewed with 63-300:




Coat with Kool Seal Elastomeric Roof Coating to protect buildings from the elements for years. Highly reflective to keep interiors cooler and reduce energy costs—up to 35 %! Guaranteed to last as much as 10 years.

•Energy Saving up to 35%
•Reflects 90%+ of the sun's rays
•Designed to be durable in any climate
•Higher solids for better coverage
•Forms a thick rubber-like blanket of protection
•Expands and contracts - clings to your roof in all temperatures
•Protects against moisture
•Cured elastomeric film is mildew and algae resistant
•Helps to absorb sound
•Environmentally compliant
•Soap and water cleanup - while wet

Questions? Contact us! 

We do sell the 63-900 as well which is specifically designed for RV Rubber Roofs. It is of a slightly higher consistency than this product but of the same 100% acrylic resin. If you would like that instead please see our store.








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